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Future Theory Test Service (FTTS) - DVSA

November 2021 – March 2022 &

September 2018 – April 2019

Best Public Sector IT Project of the Year 2022, this service is used today by everyone in the UK looking to book their theory test exam.

Tech stack:
Government Design System (GDS) HTML CSS Nunjucks Typescript  Node.js Azure file storage Azure Cosmos DB AWS Lambda AWS Dynamo DB


  • One of the 1st developers (in a team of 2 devs) on this project which won the award for Best Public Sector IT Project of the Year (2022).
  • Implemented the first designs from scratch for the pages making the new theory test booking journey using technologies such as HTML, CSS, Typescript, Nunjucks, Node.js, AWS Lambda, Azure file storage, Azure Cosmos DB and AWS DynamoDB.
  • Implemented new microservices and APIs from scratch including mocks for the real DVLA microservice.
  • Wrote unit and integration tests using Selenium, Sinon, Chai and Mocha.
  • Conducted user interviews alongside the user researcher, gathering feedback from individuals just finishing taking their theory test.


  • Technical Lead: “Marc joined DVSA’s Theory Test Service project (TTS) at the start of December 2021. He has been a member of the scrum team, which I am the current technical lead.

    TTS is a large project with a steep learning curve for new joiners. The solution includes:

    •  integration and orchestration layers
    • a bespoke booking portal for candidates
    • integration with 3rd parties (DVLA and DVA services, TARS, Test Engine and Test Management System, Google Maps, Google Geocoding, GOV.Notify, CPMS, SAP, Reed Test Centre Network, Pearson Test Centre Network)
    • integration with MS Power Platform (CMS: D365, CDS/Dataverse)

    Over the last three months, Marc has settled into the project, and I have seen him:

    • Dive into most of our components, not turning down a challenge and finishing those tickets to a high standard.
    • Suggest areas for improvement and raise technical tickets to implement those ideas.
    • Ask questions to understand what decisions were made on the project to understand how the code base evolved.
    • Actively participate in refinements and retrospectives sessions
    • Facilitate the daily scrum meeting
    • Present completed work to the client and took the lead on sprint demos with an audience of up to 70 people
    • Pair with junior team members and provide advice/support as required.

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