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We understand you may want to be reassured about what your website could look like if you start a project with us, you can now get a 100% FREE landing page for your website by just filling in the form below!


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Frequently Asked Question

what will my free taster include?

Based on the type of website you are looking to achieve and look-and-feel preferences you have provided (if any), we will design a prototype landing page. A prototype landing page means the content on the page will be Lorem ipsum text and the buttons will not be leading to any other page.

For e-commerce landing pages we will be using fake products.

In addition to your free landing page, we will also send you a quote for building the whole website. That will include both the price for building the website and price for maintaining the website if you were to opt for our maintenance plan.

What next?

Once you have received your free landing page, you will be invited to book a free 1-to-1 call to discuss about your project.

Having a call does not mean you will have to complete the project with us, nevertheless we will do our best to accompany you where we can on your project.


When will I receive my free landing page?

A link to your free landing page will be sent to you via the email provided on the contact form above. It will be sent less than 72 hours after your request has been sent assuming that enough information about what your website should be about was provided in the contact form.